Nucleus identification

Omnisphero comprises a classical watershed algorithm to identify nuclei. The position of their centroids are obtained as well as their area and intensity. The coordinates of the nuclei centroids are later used to associate a certain nucleus with a cell type (e.g. neurons). Additionally Omnisphero is able to import coordinates of nuclei from other software. Those are used for analyzing other endpoints such as neuronal identification or radial migration distance. In the case of neuronal identification this allows Omnisphero to perform a one by one comparison of identified nuclei positions associated to neurons between its own algorithms and algorithms of other software.

Cell Nuclei identification
The left image shows a classical image from the nucleus channel. The image is thresholded and converted into a binary image. Then a watershed algorithm is used to segment overlapping nuclei. Finally centroid coordinates of identified nuclei are saved. They are displayed as blue points.